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Balconi Monuments    
Perkins Avenue, Sandusky, Ohio  44870

Lasting excellence has long been the standard at Balconi Monuments. We stand behind our work. Every monument is fully guaranteed to be flawless in materials and workmanship.

  1. Products and Services

  2. Monuments, flat markers, raised headstones, bronze markers, mausoleums, community projects, bronze plaques, pet memorials, bench memorials, engravings, vases, cremation memorials, military memorials, community and civil memorials, granite gifts and keepsakes.  Monuments are hand engraved by our highly skilled staff. We can accommodate any style font typically sandblasted. Custom pieces always welcome.

  3. Pre-need monument planning: This service allows individuals to customize their own monument. This service allows you to customize a monument that represents your life and tells your story. This service takes the doubt and uncertainty away from your heirs.

  4. Service work on existing Monuments (Painting and cleaning) Time and the elements can take its toll on a monument. We offer clean up and restoration services and can even add a new coat of paint to freshen the lettering. New inscriptions and art can be added. 

  5. The staff at Balconi Monuments has up to date information regarding the rules and regulations at all of the surrounding cemeteries. We gladly guide families through this process. With our information we will assist choosing a monument to comply with the regulations.

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