Bathroom Remodeling
in Fremont, OH

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Find bathroom remodeling in Fremont, OH, at Balconi Monuments & Countertops Inc. As many would agree, a functional bathroom is one of the essential parts of a comfortable home. If you need bathroom remodeling, call on Balconi Monuments & Countertops Inc. We have the experience to turn your bathroom into something your guests will rave about. Call us today at (419) 626-5134 or contact us online for a free estimate.

Increase the Value of Your Fremont, OH, Home with a New Bathroom

When considering a remodel, think about your future, as well. Do you plan on spending the rest of your life in Fremont, OH? If not, updating the fixtures and overall look of your bathroom can pay off when selling. Contact Balconi Monuments & Countertops Inc. today to learn more about our bathroom remodeling services. We are here to help residents throughout Fremont, OH, and beyond with bathroom remodeling. Our contractors work with residential and commercial clients throughout the region by using:




Trust Our Contractors for New Floors, Fixtures, and More

The key to great bathroom remodeling is great fixtures. Allow the craftsmen at Balconi Monuments & Countertops Inc. to work with you to choose the best ones. From bathtubs, toilets, sinks, and other fixtures, we can help you find them all. You will not recognize your bathroom after we finish.Trust us to get the bathroom remodeling job done at an affordable rate. As a fully insured company, you can trust us to do the work efficiently and professionally.

Do you want to add a new bathroom to your home? We can do that, too. We can lay new floors, create or remove walls, and hook up new plumbing fixtures. Doing so will make everything look updated and in great shape.

In Fremont, OH, call Balconi Monuments & Countertops Inc. to find bathroom remodeling.